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About Us

The Red, Black, and Green (RBG) Store is an Atlanta-based, black-owned online company with this goal in mind: to provide unique, hard-to-find Red, Black, and Green (RBG) cultural products.

How did we start?
Created in October 2006 we started with our inspiration, Marcus Garvey, whose organization UNIA-ACL created the Red, Black, and Green (RBG) Flag in 1920. We wanted to have RBG flags and RBG products in our home to show our culture and pride.

After searching online and in stores, we just couldn’t find them. So, we started making RBG Bandanas and shared them with family and friends. As the demand grew, we created RBG Store to make it easier to share our culture and pride with everyone!

What We Believe In:

  • We believe in providing exceptional customer service
  • We believe in ensuring fast, safe, and secure checkout
  • We believe in delivering unique, essential Red, Black, and Green (RBG) products

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